Thursday, January 21, 2010

video blog episode 2: playing for Alice Guy films and early cinema, et al

Here is the latest episode of my video blog. I talk about accompanying Alice Guy Blaché films and the challenges of playing for nickelodeon-era films, about working with Parallel Exit, and some other tidbits. Enjoy!

Friday, January 08, 2010

video blog episode 1: Griffith, Gish, and instant leitmotifs

I'm going to give video-blogging another go in 2010. Using the FlipVideo camera makes it a little more convenient, and talking-head blogging sure beats writing, and typing and correcting typos (which only seem to appear after I click on 'publish'). I'm hoping I can be a little more consistent than the last time I tried this.

The theme song is actually something I wrote for a public access program my Mom used to host and produce in Larchmont (hence the piece's name, "One for Alice"), and it popped back into my head when I sat down to shoot this today.

Here's episode one. Feel free to click on the full-screen option in the bottom right corner of the window, or better it in full HD here.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

musical theme: "An Auteurist History of Film"

This is a theme I came up with for the series at MoMA, which I play as the lights go down and between films (if it's a double-bill). Gives you a look (and a listen) at the mod-looking Modus digital piano Yamaha has loaned to MoMA for the series. (I shot this quickly, before the house opened on Jan 6).

"An Autheurist History of Film" (theme), music by Ben Model
copyright © 2010 by Ben Model. All rights reserved.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Auteurist series at MoMA moves in the 1920s

Well, we're out of the woods, now (meaning films of the 'teens), and the pictures just get better and better every week. The series screens on Wed/Thur/Fri at 1:30pm; the dates below reflect the fact that I only play on Weds and Thurs. In 2010 I will use the Miditzer for accompaniment more, as by 1920 the theatre organ and orchestra were the more prevalent sounds heard in picture houses. Film scheduled for May will be posted later...

Jan 6 & 7 - True Heart Susie / Broken Blossoms (DWG)
Jan 13 & 14 - Foolish Wives (print has recorded track)
Jan 20 & 21 - The Chaplin Revue (print has recorded track)
Jan 28 & 29 - Sherlock Jr / Our Hospitality (Keaton)
Feb 3 & 4 - The Marriage Circle (Lubitsch)
Feb 10 & 11 - The Last Laugh (Murnau)
Feb 17 & 18 - Siegfried part 1 (Lang)
Feb 24 & 25 - The Big Parade (Vidor)
Mar 3 & 4 - Strike / Potemkin (prints have recorded tracks)
Mar 10 & 11 - Grass / Secrets of a Soul
Mar 17 & 18 - The General / Steamboat Bill Jr (excerpt)
Mar 24 & 25 - Sunrise (original Movietone/Riesenfeld score on track)
Apr 7 & 8 - The Passion of Joan of Arc
Apr 14 & 15 - French Avant-Garde film program
Apr 21 & 22 - Kino Pravda / Man With a Movie Camera
Apr 28 & 29 - Chess Fever / Storm Over Asia