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(Screen) Size Matters

Recording scores for DVD releases is hard work…harder than scoring films live at a show is. It is, for me, anyway. There are a few factors that are obvious.

Because the score is being recorded the stakes feel higher for me. At a show, if something doesn't go quite right or as well as I'd wanted, it'll probably be forgotten after the show. My old friend and film accompanist Harry Weiss, used to call improvising silent film scores creating "music of momentary significance". When I record, I'm way more aware of the fact that my music is going to be heard, and am more self-conscious about everything I play.

At some point several years ago I realized that another factor, one that probably heightened my self-awareness of all the issues I have with my own playing is that I wasn't absorbed into the film the way I usually am in a show. I can't invite 140 people over to my apartment to duplicate the experience of the aesthetic of that aura of A Performance, but…

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