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"Spice of the Program" downloadable MP3

views of the Indian Lake Theatre, Indian Lake NY

article in "Lake Champlain Weekly" re Safety Last show

orchestra and organ at the Egptian Theatre in Boise

Nosferatu at MoMA, on Time Inc website

Sept 1, in Tromsø Norway - school show

plunging into fall 2010

"The Spice of the Program" now available on CD!

All finished with the "Auteurist" series at MoMA

video blog June 11, 2010 - playing for Fields, actualities, early pioneers

guest on WNYU FM's "Citywide" with Lucas Green

on the Leonard Lopate show, with Harriet Fields

videoblog: W.C. Fields, the Lumiere bros., et al

3 weeks of daily silent film screenings at MoMA in June

the complete "Metropolis" on May 7th

Cinefest 30 - day 1

silent film music at "Meet Me At The Corner"

interim post: Lee Erwin-scored short

video blog episode 2: accompanying "The Last Laugh" at MoMA

video blog episode 2: playing for Alice Guy films and early cinema, et al

video blog episode 1: Griffith, Gish, and instant leitmotifs

musical theme: "An Auteurist History of Film"

Auteurist series at MoMA moves in the 1920s