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L&H, Keaton and Lloyd Hamilton

vote for The Silent Clowns on Chase Community Giving

Alice Guy silent films at the Whitney (schedule)

October wrap-up, and a look forward into Nov & Dec

Oct 28: 2 Danish @ MoMA, Thanhouser in New Rochelle

Oct 27: "Nosferatu" in Huntington

Oct 26: Thanhouser at MoMA

Oct 25: Harold Lloyd in "Dr. Jack"

profile on me in The Epoch Times

Oct 21-22: a pair of Scandinavian films

Oct 17 - "The General" in Lake Champlain area

Oct 14-15: D.W. Griffith Biographs @MoMA; press interview

Oct 11 - Silent Clowns: new digs, fun shorts

Another happy customer

article about "Metropolis" in Queens Gazette

Oct 10 - "Cat and the Canary" in Brooklyn

Oct 8 - "Metropolis" at QTIP

Oct 7 & 8: trick films @ MoMA

Oct 4 - Dough & Dynamite for American Girl

Oct 3 - shorts & Zorro in Sag Harbor

Oct 1 "Lesser-Known Pioneers of Cinema" (MoMA)

October begins: 22 performances in and around NY

article on Zorro, shorts, at Bay Street Theatre in Sag Harbor

Carmagnole in "Orphans of the Storm"

Back to Film School: Actualities and Glimmerings of More

"An Auterist History of Film" at MoMA begins

"Headless Horseman" at Hudson River Museum - Sun 9/13

Fall 2009 kicks off

ReelclassicDVD now accepts online orders!

Vermont radio interview

Steamboat Bill in Culpeper

music scanning and other progress

Sherlock Holmes, with John Barrymore

Cruel & Unusual: shows #1 - #4

Village Voice article on "Cruel and Unusual Comedy"