episode 8: Everybody Gets Cake, Trip to the Moon in Tromsø, OsloOrgan, Marcel Perez

episode 8: "Everybody Gets Cake", Trip to the Moon in Tromsø, Oslo Organ, Marcel Perez

News from January: composing and performing music for Parallel Exit's "Everybody Gets Cake", running off-Bway thru Feb 8.
Recording: instrumental from "Cake" show: "A Shakespearean Smoke Break"
The restoration of Georges Melies' "A Trip to the Moon" with narration
Recording: live performance piano and narration for "A Trip to the Moon" in Tromsø, Norway
Funeral organists workshop in Oslo
Upcoming performances, Egyptian Theatre in Boise, with Boise Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble, release of Marcel Perez DVD, Hal Roach at Silent Clowns, Zorro in Bklyn, Keaton at Wesleyan, and more.

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