episode 7: news from the road, Peter Pan, Blackmail, using ragtime

episode 7: news from the road, Peter Pan, Hitchcock's Blackmail, "Everybody Gets Cake"

News from the road: December 2014 recap: the Silent Clowns Film Series, Chaplin Mutuals, Library of Congress holiday party, the Powers kids in "The Skeleton"
Recording: live performance, accompaniment to "Peter Pan", Peter saves Tinkerbell
Using ragtime to accompany silent films, then and now, pros and cons
On accompanying the murder scene in "Blackmail"
Recording: live performance, from Hitchcock's "Blackmail" at Alden Theater
Silent film series at the Alden Theatre in McLean, VA
Upcoming performances, Egyptian Theatre in Boise, with Boise Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble, release of Marcel Perez DVD, off-Broadway show "Everybody Gets Cake".