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episode 16: Norwegian edition - Too Much Johnson, Roald Amundsen, Chaplin's City Lights

episode 15: Laurel & Hardy, orchestral Chaplin gig, scoring Technicolor at MoMA

episode 14: silence in the theater, Docks of NY, playing into the film, an orchestral organ

episode 13: programming vs. what I like to play for, staying inside a character's head, legacy piano at NYU

episode 12: cineconventions, music from out-of-print DVDS, being easy to work with, Marcel Perez review

episode 11: song cues gone wrong, scoring One Week, Lee Erwin, silents in schools

episode 10: presenting silent films to kids and to seniors, interview with Harry Weiss pt 2, listening to the audience

episode 9: Boise Philharmonic, musical cross-cutting, interview with Harry Weiss pt 1, inspiration for main themes

episode 8: Everybody Gets Cake, Trip to the Moon in Tromsø, OsloOrgan, Marcel Perez

episode 7: news from the road, Peter Pan, Blackmail, using ragtime

episode 6: welcome to the reboot, 2014 recap, Arthur Kleiner, SFSMA