ep. 28: scoring Laurel & Hardy, Mostly Lost 7, Lois Weber on organ and more

On this episode, Ben Model gives a brief report on Mostly Lost 7, accompanies the rarely-shown Marie Doro silent "Lost and Won", does his darnedest to score the Lois Weber film "Hypocrites" on a church organ for a new Kino DVD, discusses the paradox of using somewhat recognizable music from a talkie Laurel and Hardy film as a theme for one of their silents, talks up silent film comedienne Alice Howell, talks about how "I loved your score" may not necessarily be a compliment after a show, and accompanies "The Golem" at the Morgan Library and Museum. All this plus news about upcoming Buster Keaton silent film shows and DVD info.

Here are links to Kino Lorber's new release of Pioneers: First Women Filmmakers, a 1934 recording of "The Old Spinning Wheel", and Ben's email list.

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