profile on me in The Epoch Times

Last Friday, I got an email from a reporter from the Epoch Times, asking me for an interview on silent films and silent film music. She had a short deadline and found my website online, and could she interview me on Skype because she was in Bulgaria. Sure. I have a Skype account, fired it up, and we text-chatted for about 45 mins. I'd never done an interview this way before, but I can see its advantages. One, if you're in Bulgaria writing for a NY edition of a paper and your subject is in NYC, it's way cheaper than an int'l phone call and easier than batting a volley of emails back and forth; it's more of a conversation, in terms of how it flows. The other advantage is that your subject doesn't have to worry about being misquoted since all the text is in the transcript of the chat session. I didn't have a photo of me accompanying a film, unfortunately, but was able to send in a jpeg of a piece of photoplay music for people to see. I thought the article came out rather well.

Here's a link to the article.


Anonymous said…
Thank you, Ben! For the nice words! It seems we pioneered with you a new way of interviewing :)))) Wish you all the best! Kremena Krumova, The Epoch Times.