Silent Clowns winter/spring season announced

For those of you who aren't on our snail-mail list, here's a peek at what you miss by just receiving our eBlasts. Our new brochure, designed masterfully by Marlene Weisman-Abadi, arrived from the printers a couple days ago. Seen at right is our front cover panel, and if you scroll down you'll see the inside of the brochure with our 5 shows listed. The season, as always, is programmed (and proudly projected) by Bruce Lawton. Marlene has been part of our team since the late '90s and somehow manages to out-do herself with each brochure.
Our brochures are tri-fold B&W on coated paper -- a format we've been using for several years -- and are printed by Rolling Press, out in Brooklyn. RP are an amazing printing outfit who uses environmentally-friendly inks and have turned around jobs for us a little quicker than we expect.
Bruce wanted to feature Chaplin on the cover to highlight the 120th birthday program we're planning for our April 19th show (the real birthday is on April 16). We'll do a program of Essanay shorts, and will undoubtedly run some or all of these on our custom-rigged Eiki' SL-O's that go at 21fps.
We are currently hunting for a new space to present our shows at starting in the fall. Over the years we have been at the 78th Street Theatre Lab, The New-York Historical Society, The Little Theater at the West Side YMCA, Makor, and then back at the N-YHS. We always wind up somewhere whenever we have to move on and — like Charlie's "Little Fellow" does atter the end of every iris-out — will undoubtedly find somewhere special to hang our derby/porkpie/boater hats.
See you on Feb 22nd for Keaton's The General!
-- Ben