other accompanists: David Arner, Bernie Anderson

Silent film accompanist and accomplished jazz pianist David Arner was at last Friday's (Feb 6) showing of The Kid Brother. He came over and said 'hi' after the show and we chatted for a while. I couldn't place where I'd known his name till he mentioned that he played for silents at Upstate Films in Rhinebeck, NY. He's played at the Knitting Factory as well, and told me he'd played at the silent film accompanist "summit" that was held at the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria in the early '90s. David mentioned something coming up at the National Gallery and at Upstate Films, so check their websites (or his) for info. We exchanged emails, and I've now found his website (click his name, above).

Fellow Lee Erwin student/devotee Bernie Anderson is playing for Ben Hur at Chaminade High School in Mineola on March 1st; there's a theatre organ in the school's auditorium. And as is always my luck with NYTOS events, it conflicts with a show I have. And so, if I were not already helping Mr. Lloyd up the side of the Bolton Building out in Woodmere (show is in Woodmere, not the building), along with film historian Philip Harwood, I'd get to hear Bernie live. [I'd already missed Bernie when he played at the Donnell last year, a booking I'd recommended him for.]